Quintessence Institute

Founded in 1995, Quintessence Institute inspires holistic personal development. A five level transformative process that creates balance in body, emotion, mind, and spirit.


Welcome to Quintessence Institute (QI).  We inspire holistic personal development in body, emotion, mind, and spirit.  I’m Raymond Q. Holmes, Founder/Director of Quintessence Institute.

We refer to our three level program as "The Quintessence of Alchemy."

Our approach to Alchemy blends ancient esoteric and modern personal development techniques to create a remarkable transformativeprocess.  This unique blend creates greater health, balance, wisdom, and resilience.  Each level (beginner, intermediate, and advance) is designed to move the student through four holistic quadrants that focus on the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  Our key strategy is to give you the tools, skills, knowledge, and abilities you need to live a balanced, resilient, and fulfilling life.          

Our methodology is truly a life changing approach.  It produces incredible results.  We use a set of core practices that work in tandem, for example QMeditation, QContemplation, and QNeuroscience to help accelerate your transformatve process.  In short, you’ll leave us as a balanced, wise, and resilient person.      

Upon completion, you’ll take with you rare esoteric knowledge, key spiritual insights, and ancient wisdom that will give you a profound metaphysical education.

I hope you’ll enroll today!    

See our ‘Classes Page’for upcoming classes.