Quintessence Institute

Founded in 1995, Quintessence Institute teaches the "Quintessence of Alchemy." A transformative process that helps to create inner-peace, balance, and personal enlightenment...


Hello and Welcome to Quintessence Institute (QI)

I’m Raymond Q. Holmes, Founder/Director of Quintessence Institute. I live in Northwest Washington DC and feel fortunate enough to inspire other people to learn Qmeditation and lean about Holistic Self-Development.  I affectionately call holistic self-development: Alchemy. 

I use the word Alchemy  to describes a blend of modern and ancient esoteric teachings that form a powerful transformative approach to health, wisdom, balance, and spirituality.  You’ll learn Qmeditation and how to navigate change to become more resilience while obtaining key insights into the twofold nature of a human being.    

I practice Qmeditation daily and enjoy physical fitness everyday also.  I live a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle, and I’ve studied positive mysticism over the last 40 years under the guidance of two enlightened spiritual Masters from India. 

Through Quintessence Institute, you’ll obtain a wealth of rare esoteric knowledge, wisdom, and key-spiritual insights that will enrich your life and provide you with a profound metaphysical education.

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