Quintessence Institute

Founded in 1995, Quintessence Institute teaches the "Quintessence of Alchemy." A transformative process that helps to create inner-peace, balance, and personal enlightenment...


Hello and Welcome to Quintessence Institute (QI)

I’m Raymond Q. Holmes, Founder/Director of Quintessence Institute. I live in Northwest Washington DC and feel fortunate to be teaching the public Qmeditation and holistic self-development.  I affectionately call holistic self-development: Alchemy. 

I use the word Alchemy  to describes a blend of modern and ancient esoteric teachings that form a powerful transformative approach to health, wisdom, balance, and spirituality.  Quintessence Institute also teaches Inner Child Recovery (ICR), which retrieves our wounded inner kids, heals them, and integrates them into a balanced and resilient lifestyle.  In our classes, you’ll learn Qmeditation, Contemplation, and how to navigate the ups and downs of daily life.  In short, how to obtain balance and resilience.   

I’ve practiced Qmeditation for 40 years and taught it for 20 years. I also enjoy physical fitness everyday.  Over the past 40 years, I’ve lived a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle and studied positive mysticism under the watchful guidance of two enlightened spiritual Masters from India. I feel very fortunate to be your facilitator and too share this remarkable knowledge with you. 

QInstitute provides you with a wealth of rare esoteric knowledge, wisdom, and key-spiritual insights.  With us, you’ll gain a profound metaphysical education.

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