Quintessence Institute

Founded in 1995, Quintessence Institute teaches the "Quintessence of Alchemy." A transformative process that helps to create inner-peace, balance, and personal enlightenment...


Welcome to Quintessence Institute (QI).  I’m Raymond Q. Holmes, Founder/Director of Quintessence Institute.  QI is located in Northwest Washington DC.  We teach holistic personal-development - which I affectionately call:  The Quintessence of Alchemy. 

Alchemy, the way we teach it, describes a blend of both modern and ancient esoteric and personal development knowledge that forms a remarkable transformative process that creates health, balance, wisdom, and resilience.  Our approach gradually builds for you a solid foundation that stacks and deepens your knowledge through five levels of course work:  101 to 501.  Each level (beginning with 101, 201, 301, 401, up through 501) moves your through four holistic quadrants:  the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.  The key strategy is to re-align each quadrant by integrating new knowledge, tools, skills, and abilities that will cause you to become more and more enlightened and balanced.        

We’ll also teach you Qmeditation, Qcontemplation, and Neuroscience that will accelerate your transformation while helping you navigate the ups and downs of daily life.  In short, you’ll leave us balanced, wise, and resilient. Our methodology is truly a life-changing approach with incredible results!   

As a bonus, you’ll gain a wealth of rare esoteric knowledge, key spiritual insights, and wisdom that will give you a profound metaphysical education.

I hope you’ll enroll soon.  

See our ‘Classes Page’for upcoming classes.